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Get a free,
Part-exchange quote

  • We collect your machine
  • Best price guaranteed
  • No hidden fees

Part-exchange your machine

  • We collect your machine
  • Best price guaranteed
  • No hidden fees

To get your part-exchange price, complete the following steps in order to receive an accurate quotation.

How many owners has the machine had?

When you count the number of former keepers, make sure to include yourself in the total.

Do you have all the original packaging?

This includes all shipping packaging, including polystyrene.

What condition is your machine in?

Use the drop down list to accurately list the condition of your machine.

How old is your machine?

Please specify the age of your machine in years.

What is your preferred machine brand?

This allows us to find the best tailored offers for you!

What is your price range?

This will better help us recommend the right sewing machine for you.

Contact Details

We use these to provide you with a tailored quote.

Sometimes, we may need more information from you.

We may need to contact you via telephone to request further details on your machine condition. This allows us to provide you with an accurate quotation.
Please note that all quotes are valid for 7 days due to market fluctuations

Our Sales Team will review your part exchange request and contact you within the next 24 hours to discuss your enquiry in further detail.

Part-exchange your machine

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We will get back to you within two working days.

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Part-exchange your machine

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What Is Part Exchange?

We offer a hassle-free part exchange service for sewing machines. Whether you're looking to upgrade your current machine or simply wish to trade it in for a new model, our part exchange program makes the process seamless.

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Part Exchange at Sew Centre

Part Exchange on your terms — online or in store at Sew Centre. Use our Part Exchange Calculator to generate a quote for your sewing machine! Then, you put this credit towards the cash price of your next machine. Sorted!

Part Exchange ANY Machine

We offer part exchange on all brands of sewing machines when you upgrade to a new Pfaff or Bernina sewing machine.

Honest & Transparent

Our team of experts provide an honest and transparent appraisal of your sewing machine. Use our part exchange calculator to get started today!

Simple & Stress Free. We do the hard work!

We take the oustanding balance and dispatch your new machine. Our Support team will be in touch to collect your old machine from your front door.

We Won't Be Beaten. Best price. Always.

Sew Centre offers the best price for any customer looking to part exchange their sewing machine. One of the many reasons why we are rated excellent on Trustpilot.

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What's New

Need inspiration?

Bernina 790 Pro

Enriched with exciting new sewing, quilting and embroidery features and the next generation stitchprecision2  Technology, the B 790 PRO is even more precise and lets you control every stitch to achieve perfect results every time.

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