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Pfaff Sewing Machines

At Sew Centre, we are the largest dealer of Pfaff sewing machines in the UK, and we are proud to offer a wide range of machines for sale, including overlock and embroidery machines and Pfaff accessories. Whether you are repairing your children’s clothes or becoming the next hit designer, we have a perfect Pfaff sewing machine for you.
Browse our full collection of Pfaff sewing machines at competitive prices below, or check out our part exchange service to upgrade your current machine.

Our specialist door-to-door sewing machine service centre will keep your Pfaff machine in its best condition, wherever you live in the UK. If you encounter a technical issue with your product or if it’s due to be serviced, please contact our friendly service and repair centre.

About Pfaff

Bring your creative sewing ideas to life with each and every Pfaff sewing machine. With industry-defining features and German engineering, you’ll want Pfaff to be part of your next sewing adventure! Browse the full range of Pfaff sewing machine ranges, from Ambition to Expression, and use Pfaff’s original IDT system.

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Nationwide Service Centre

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When you choose our nationwide service and repair centre, you're selecting a level of expertise and customer care that's unmatched in the industry. Our in-house team of expert technicians is not only highly qualified but also well-versed in servicing all brands of machines, ensuring that your equipment is in the best hands.

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