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What is IDT? Do I need it for Dressmaking, Sewing & Quilting?

Callum MacPherson / November 22, 2022


The Original IDT system since 1968, exclusive to Pfaff!

IDT stands for: Integrated Dual-feed Technology.

If you’ve owned or used a PFAFF machine before you will know it’s many benefits and probably have your own accounts of when it’s worked, it’s magic! However, if not keep reading for the low down:

Do you like your work to be accurate, neat and jaw droppingly beautiful? Us too, this is what IDT ensures:

Have you ever carefully pinned and lined up your work perfectly only to sew it and it’s slightly slipped and offset? Maybe had to accept a skipped stitch and had to push thick fabric through, because that’s how it is on a non-industrial machine? Or had to spend time changing feet because you’re sewing different or difficult fabric or thicknesses? Well IDT will change your sewing life! The IDT is slim and integrated into the machine so, no awkward mid project foot change, need for extra attachments, plus it's never in the way. Also, it works with many of the included feet so this system work across most applications on the machine. I could watch the function on my PFAFF all day! Or like my lads watching random tosh on YouTube would say: ‘Very satisfying!’ Very satisfying IDT in action!

Personally, I find the PFAFF’s feed dogs make my fabric flow through with ease and minimal guidance is needed by me. However, engage the IDT and it acts as feed dog for the top of the fabric too. It ensures the fabric is fed through evenly, stitch length is identical, even if the fabric being sewn changes thickness, texture or finish. So, the IDT along with the strength of the PFAFF manufacturing and motor lead to far more successful challenging projects. Whether you’re creating a seam on delicate organza, making an oilcloth tote, or topstitching on your double bed sized quilt your stitches will be immaculately equal and neat and the machine will make it look and sound effortless. It will sew up to 13 layers of denim with no issue at all (Dependant on the machine)

The below facts are taken from the PFAFF website, as I couldn’t put it better myself and I agree with these benefits of the IDT system: 

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and the SewCentre team.