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Mastering French Seams - Episode 1 on Great British Sewing Bee 2023

Callum MacPherson / May 25, 2023

During the episode, the contestants embraced the challenge of mastering French seams.

A French seam is a sewing technique that provides a clean and polished finish to the inside of a garment. It involves enclosing the raw edges of a seam within the fabric, creating a neat and professional appearance.


To create a French seam, the fabric pieces are first stitched together with wrong sides facing, using a narrow seam allowance. Then, the excess fabric is trimmed close to the seam, reducing bulk. Next, the fabric is folded along the seam line, enclosing the raw edges within the fold. Finally, the folded fabric is stitched again, this time with right sides facing, to secure the seam and create a finished look.


French seams are commonly used on delicate or sheer fabrics, as they prevent fraying and provide a seamless finish that blends with the fabric.


They are also suitable for any project where you want to achieve a clean and polished result on both the inside and outside of the item. French seams are particularly popular in garments, lingerie, and home decor items like curtains or pillowcases.

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