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Sew Centre Reviews: Pfaff Expression 710

Callum MacPherson / September 18, 2023

Introduction to the Pfaff Expression 710

The Pfaff Expression 710 is a fantastic all-rounder sewing machine, as perfect for beginner sewists as it is for those who have been sewing for years, thanks to its vast range of intuitive features! Of course, that bold purple exterior will have caught your eye, but it’s what’s under the hood that we’re interested in.
Check out our video by the incredibly crafty Hayley West to learn more about this amazing model.

Looking Around the Machine

Under the lid of that gorgeously rich purple exterior, you’ll find the range of stitches available on the machine in categorised lists for your reference.
In the needle area, you’ll find the built-in needle threader, bobbin cover and presser foot. There are also two sets of LED lights to ensure your project is evenly lit. As is standard with Pfaff sewing machines, the Pfaff Expression 710 comes with the IDT system, which sits as a permanently-attached walking foot – this can be engaged or disengaged depending on what foot you’re using.
As we move down to the base of the machine, there is an accessory tray just in front of the needle plate, which contains the alternate feet that come with the machine, as well as a removable bobbin holder and a space for needles and other accessories. You can also store an alternative needle plate in this compartment.
There is a touchscreen on the front of the machine which comes with a stylus found on the side of the tower. There are buttons by the touchscreen to control the machine’s speed, needle height and stitch restart function, as well as the Start/Stop button.
Finally, on the base of the machine, you’ll find the lowering feed dogs.


Key features

  • 247 stitches in seven categories

Yes, that’s 247 stitches, including essential, utility, overcast, buttonhole and decorative stitches, which can be altered and sequenced to create amazing patterns. The Expression 710 also comes with three pre-set alphabets.

  • IDT system

A standard feature of Pfaff sewing machines, the IDT system can aid with accuracy in your work as well as ensuring fabric is fed through evenly and stitch length is identical, even through changes in the fabric’s texture or thickness.

  • Stitch width safety

Safeguard your machine from damage when using twin needles – the Expression 710 will limit the width of stitches for the needle size to prevent needle breakage.
When using the straight stitch presser foot or needle plate, the stitch width safety function will lock the needle in the centre position for all stitches to prevent damage or breakage.

  • Colour touchscreen

Use the touch screen to select your stitches, alter the stitch settings and see a preview. You can also save stitches to your personal menu and select your tie-off options.

  • Automatic presser foot lift

When selected, the presser foot will raise to pivot height when you stop sewing – this gives you more freedom to move without having to take your hand off your project to adjust the foot.

  • Accessories and attachments

There is a comprehensive range of presser feet included with the machine alongside the standard presser foot, such as a quarter-inch foot, a foot for free motion work, blind hemming and decorative stitch feeds.
You can also remove the accessory tray and replace it with an extension table for dressmaking or quilting projects.


Pfaff Expression 710 vs Quilt Expression 720

We love the Expression 710, but if you do a lot of quilting, you may want to consider its sister machine, the Quilt Expression 720. This machine offers all the same features of the Expression 710, but with certain additional extras.
The Quilt Expression 720 comes with additional stitches, including stacker stitches and ribbon stitches. It also offers stitch sequencing and the ability to create your own stitches, as well as four alphabets and monogramming capabilities – this gives you the brilliant option of an embroidered look without the need to hoop your fabric or use an embroidery machine.
There is also a connection point on the base of the Quilt Expression 720 for a knee lift attachment – this is a game-changer, as it allows for hands-free sewing.
Both of these machines are powerful and versatile, so it’s important to compare which features you need and don’t, and ensure you don’t outgrow your machine.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our review of the Pfaff Expression 710. At Sew Centre, we're the largest dealer of Pfaff sewing machines in the UK, so we know first hand just how incredible these machines are.

If you aren’t sure what sewing machine is the right fit for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team today! Alternatively, if you’d like to learn more about how to get the best results from your sewing machine, check out our range of workshops and training sessions.