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The best Christmas gifts for Dressmakers, Sewers & Quilters for 2022! No receipt needed...

Callum MacPherson / November 22, 2022

Christmas shopping. Stress free. Black Friday Deals.

Let’s face it: sourcing the best gifts for Dressmakers, Quilters & Sewers can be a daunting task to get right, with an overwhelming amount of products to choose from and a mountain of information to trawl through. 

But worry not – whether you're thinking Sewing Machines, Threads, Gadgets or haberdashery, we've compiled an edit of fail-safe presents we're confident they'll love. And what a time to complete your shopping list, its Black Friday month! We have great offers available while stocks last!

All products have been chosen from either barnyarns.co.uk or sewcentre.co.uk. These are product recommendations, and can be purchased from any retailers.

What are the best gift ideas for Quilters?

  • Top Spool Pick for Quilters under £30: Pfaff Creative Spool Stand. Get your spool stand for under £30.
  • Top Gadget for Quilters under £50: Wool Pressing mat (12" x 18").
  • Top Gadget for Quilters under £150: Oliso Iron (2022 Model). Get your top quilting kit
  • Top Fabrics for Quilters under £100: Doughty's Quilting Fabric. Find the right quilting fabric for your project.
  • Top Sewing Machine for Quilters under £1000: Pfaff Quilt Ambition 635. Best selling Quilting machine of 2022. View the Pfaff Ambition 635 here.
  • Top Sewing Machine for Quilters under £2500: Pfaff Expression 720 is the ultimate Quilting Sewing machine. I love it! I cannot sing its praises high enough. Get your very own Pfaff Quilt Expression 720.
  • Top Sewing Machine for Quilters under £4000: Pfaff Performance Icon. Top of the line Quilting & Sewing machine. Take a look at the Pfaff Performance Icon sewing machine.

 What are the best gift ideas for Dressmakers?

 What are the best gift ideas for Embroiderers?

  • Quality Thread Pick for Embroidery under £30: Madeira Classic 40 Embroidery thread range. £4.95 per spool. Multi Buy on 3 & 10 spools. Get your embroidery equipment for under £30 here.
  • Quality Thread Pick for Embroidery under £200: Madeira Classic 40 Box Set of 80 spools! 
  • Best Stabilisers for Machine Embroidery under £30: Best Selling Tear Away White Stabiliser (45cm x 50m).
  • Best Embroidery machine under £2000: PFAFF Ambition 640 is the brand new Embroidery & Sewing Machine. Packed with functionality and large hoop for the price! Get your Pfaff Ambition 640 sewing machine here.
  • Best Embroidery machine available: Pfaff Creative Icon 2 - The most revolutionary domestic Embroidery & Sewing Machine on the market. Find your Pfaff Creative Icon 2 sewing machine here.

Which brand are the best domestic sewing machines?

As one of the largest dealers of Pfaff Sewing Machines in the UK, its safe to say we love them! 

Pfaff have been launching and perfecting their exceptional machines for 160 years (as you’ll see on this limited-edition quilt ambition™ 635), PFAFF® has developed their stunningly refined and modern sewing machines, notable by their very aesthetically pleasing design, exceptional high-quality performance, and countless design opportunities.

PFAFF are famous in the industry for offering revolutionary design and supreme accuracy, this latest machine is no different and includes all of the usual PFAFF touches and I’m looking forward to sharing all its extra features with you. You'll find the full collection of Pfaff sewing machines here.

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