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Things I love about the NEW Pfaff ambition 635!

Emma Burdett / December 13, 2023


Brand New Pfaff Quilt Ambition 635

Pfaff have been launching and perfecting their exceptional machines for 160 years (as you’ll see on this limited-edition quilt ambition™ 635), PFAFF® has developed their stunningly refined and modern sewing machines, notable by their very aesthetically pleasing design, exceptional high-quality performance, and countless design opportunities.

PFAFF’s are famous in the industry to offer revolutionary design and supreme accuracy, this beautiful latest machine is no different and includes all of the usual PFAFF touches and I’m looking forward to sharing all its extra features with you.

I’ve been lucky enough to use the PFAFF quilt ambition most days for the last month, my love at first sight has turned into a more lasting love. So read on for my top 4 reasons for loving it:

1. The Ambition range has so many user-friendly features to save me time and hassle!

The Original IDT system since 1968. It stands for: Integrated Dual-feed Technology. This replaces the need for a 'screw on' walking foot entirely! Read more about this my other blog 'What is IDT, and why do I need it?

Stitches perfectly up to a 7mm width, with over 200+ to choose from.

Quilters will be thrilled by the large sewing area and impressive array of stitches.

Speed Slider. You can adjust to keep in control at all times. A great feature if you are wanting to improve your free motion embroidery skills!

Needle up/down in the fabric for pivoting & appliquéing even faster!

Stitch edit function is more advanced! Take advantage of Mirror image on selected stitches to create even more possibilities.

Twin needle program via the touch screen, with stitch width safety.

29 needle positions (0.3mm increments) - so useful for zips, piping, topstitching with precision

Semi-automatic needle threader. As long as you place the thread correctly and push the lever down; voila threaded needle every time! Again, this is very satisfying to do!

The 1-step buttonhole. No more guessing or fiddly measurements, it fab! So, pop the actual button in the guide at the back, select which style of buttonhole you want (there are 7 to choose from), place your needle where you want the buttonhole to start, engage the buttonhole lever and away you go. It even cuts off at the end. It's so easy.

Under bed thread cutting mechanism – the machine automatically cuts top and bobbin threads, pulling thread ends to the back side of your fabric. Once you’ve tried this you won’t want to be without it! Don't forget, if you use this in combination with the Immediate Tie-Off feature (which replaces the need of the reverse function) - you will create a really neat finished stitch underneath your fabric.

Automatic Thread Tension. The machine sets the best needle thread tension automatically for every stitch, which takes away all the testing and guess work!

Start/Stop Button. Stitch without the foot control for consistent speed, which can be great if you have mobility issues and struggle using a foot pedal, or want to try your hand at free motion embroidery with more consistent results!

LED-Illuminated Workspace. Three LED lights with a long-life expectancy making it easier to see your whole project-no awful shadows.

Other great features include extra presser foot lift, an intuitive info button, presser foot pressure control, bobbin winding from the needle, jam proof rotary hook, multiple languages in settings, inches/cm ruler on the accessory tray and metal plate and a hard cover. Have I missed anything!?

But I have to say, my 2 absolute favourites from this list have to be, the Semi-automatic needle threader and the 1-step buttonhole.

2. How it looks

This needs no explaining! PFAFF have a very good eye for clean lines, exquisite design, whilst bringing incredible and instinctive functionality. I’m just going to let you enjoy these beautiful images of the this special edition in metallic rose pink.

3. Even more stitch sequence options

Combine and instantly save up to 60 stitches and/or letters to be sewn as many times as wanted until a new sequence is programmed! This is great if you want to create a stitch label for your grandchildren and don't want to loose the stitch! 

4. Even more included feet than the 610, 620, 630

The Ambition 630 included all the accessories shown on the left, the 5 feet shown below, plus a free motion and ¼ inch quilters foot.

However, the 635 includes 5 Bonus Accessories:

· Narrow Edge Foot for IDT system

· Invisible Zipper Foot

· Piping Foot

· Couching/ Braiding Foot for IDT System

· Open Toe Appliqué Foot for IDT System

I love to compare things visually, so have created a little comparison table to make what’s on offer from each machine in the Ambition range more visible.

All these fantastic models are still available and depending on your budget would be an amazing beginner and intermediate machine that would allow you to grow and develop your sewing as you grow more and more familiar with all the features of this computerised, but intuitive machine.

Why Barnyarns Sew Centre?

You are buying from the best. As one of the largest official Pfaff UK stockists in the UK, we will provide you with an unbeatable service from enquiry to post sale! We are proud to operate one of three Pfaff Warranty & Service Centres from our head office in Ripon, Melmerby - with over 70 years combined experience. 

Best prices guaranteed. 

FREE and fast insured UK Delivery

Standard 5 Year Warranty on ALL Pfaff Machines. This is 5 years Labour AND Parts (Please check the fine print with other warranty providers offering 2 years Parts + 3 Years Labour)

We accept all major credit and debit cards and offer a financing subject to terms & conditions. 

All machines are in stock & ready to dispatch. Click here to buy the Ambition 635


Best wishes


and the SewCentre team.